Pool of Purity Aromatherapy Oils

The exclusive range of bespoke oils to restore health and wellbeing are intended to be rolled onto pulse points.  When you use the Pool of Purity oils, you quickly appreciate the quality and efficiency of aromatherapy as it should be.  Andrea simply refuses to use inferior ingredients and weak dilutions that are commonly available in mass market products.  She maintains that you cannot cut on the quality of the oils when you are treating sensitive human beings. Similarly, there is a world of difference in aromatic blending skills akin say to that of a fine coffee or tea compared to products generally available at a supermarket or health food store.

Pool of Purity oils, or combination of oils, are made to such a strength and quality that often very little is needed.  The quality of the product is seen in the noticeable effect it has on our bodies, thoughts and emotions.  We are complex subtle beings and our emotions and health of mind are worthy of the best products you can get. Pool of Purity products are hand prepared in carefully formulated ranges and are also blended for each individual and their personal needs.  The oils are free from sulphates, parabens, synthetic colouring, preservatives, and with no animal testing.